Prenatal Consultation Visit

Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine in Lock Haven, PA | Dr. Praful U. Bhatt

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended for many years that an expectant couple should meet their baby's pediatrician prior to delivery, preferably during the last month of pregnancy. It gives the expectant parents a chance to meet their baby's physician, meet the staff at the office, and see firsthand the set up at the office where the baby would be provided care for many years to come! It also gives them the chance to ask their pediatrician questions regarding how the baby would be provided medical care at the hospital after birth and also discuss any issues relating to the care of the baby at home, especially in the first few weeks. They may also inquire about how any emergencies would be handled.

For the pediatrician, it is an opportunity to get medical and pregnancy information from the mother to be. Pediatricians will often analyze the information and discuss it further with the obstetricians, if indicated, in terms of opportune time for delivery, considering the health of the mother and the baby. Pediatricians often will have useful handouts regarding newborn care suggestions, visit schedules (Bright Futures Periodicity Schedule), immunization schedule and vaccine information sheets. It is the start of a positive relationship with the parents that can put them at ease regarding their newborn's care in an expert's hands.

Dr. Bhatt welcomes newborns delivered at Williamsport Regional Medical Center (Williamsport), Mount Nittany Medical Center (State College), and Geisinger Medical Center (Danville, PA), especially for parents living in Clinton, Lycoming, and Centre Counties. Regardless of where the baby is born, we would like you to call the office at (570)748-4565, for the baby to be seen in 2 to 3 days after discharge. It is also a good time for you to call your insurance company and add your new baby to your policy and select Dr. Bhatt as a primary care physician if it is a requirement of your policy.

To request an appointment please call our office at (570) 748-4565.